Fitness Classes

Please double check the EVENT CALENDAR  page for  current class offerings and schedule. Class times and workshops/events, as well as any cancellations, will appear there. All classes are appropriate for all levels. However, please read the class descriptions to find which class resonates with your personal taste. Below are classes that have been offered in the past and may be offered again in the future. I am currently offering Shimmy Chic Fitness Classes, Kripalu Yoga, Evening Yoga, and Xen Strength classes.


Shimmy Chic

Shimmy into shape with this belly dance fitness class. This cardio dance class offers a fun and energetic  calorie burning aerobic workout that is high cardio but low impact and easy on the knees. Dance to fast-paced Middle Eastern and modern songs. The class focuses on weight loss, muscle toning, and calorie burning. Also, a great way to drill and practice belly dance moves. New routines are introduced periodically and as you learn actual belly dance combinations, your whole body will receive a great workout. So wear your sweats, a coin belt, and bring your friends. Join us for an exhilarating work out!


Xen Strength

Not your everyday yoga class! Xen Strength combines hand weights and functional fitness moves with traditional yoga poses to provide a transformational workout. You’ll build muscle and bone mass to prevent injury, and get flexible in body and mind. Plus, you’ll save time by multi-tasking


Kripalu Yoga

After moving through a variety of postures, the class ends with a restorative relaxation. Kripalu yoga isn’t about the perfect pose. It’s about honoring the body wherever the pose takes you and being comfortable in your own body. Involves standing and floor work. Appropriate for all levels.


Evening Yoga

What better way to end the day. This class is the perfect way to leave the day’s stress behind and get ready for a relaxing evening. The first half consists of gentle yoga postures to help the body wind down. The second half consists of a guided relaxation session to complete the experience.


Morning Yoga Class

What better way to start your day than with a morning yoga class. A bit more energizing, this class incorporates more of a flow and gets you ready to face the day. Appropriate for all levels. Modifications available for all poses. This class will end no later than 7:45 for those of us having to be at work at 8. If you would like to attend but need to slip out a few minutes early, please don’t hesitate to join us.


Yoga Chi 

These classes incorporate breath work and the gentle movements of Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi. Various Yoga poses, Qigong forms, along with Tai Chi movements, will be taught. Appropriate for all levels. Involves standing and floor work. If standing for long periods or getting on and off the mat is an issue, most movements can be modified for chair work.


Tai Chi Fusion –

This class blends qigong and tai chi movements to promote self-healing. Includes joint warm ups, a healing form, and various movements, breathwork, or meditations to support the form taught that day. This class is mostly standing but forms can be modified for chair work if standing for long periods is difficult. Appropriate for all levels.







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