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Optimize Embryo Transfer Success

Ensure you have done the ground work and laid the best foundation via living a fertile lifestyle to improve your health on a cellular level.


What To Do Before Embryo Transfer:

Follow your personal nutrition plan.

  •  This is done with organic whole foods; clean water (not tap or plastic bottled water); and supplements that do not contain unnecessary fillers, binders, or fertility inhibitors such as soy, corn, maize and magnesium stearate (even though these are commonly found in many “fertility supplements”
  • Body test regularly to ensure your body is getting what is really needs.
  • Avoid processed foods (they are linked to being carcinogenic – cancer causing. Note: Anything that causes cancer causes infertility)
  • Avoid Caffeine
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid sugar as much as possible.

Know what foods help and what foods hinder fertility

This information is in my Fertility Workbook

Know what cookware/cooking methods hinder fertiltiy

This information is in my Fertility Workbook.

Know what essential oils help and hinder fertility.

This information is in my Fertility Workbook.

Follow your personal exercise plan,

Leading up to Embryo Transfer you would have been doing my short yoga sequences that follow your cycle and given other personal exercises or restrictions relevant to your fertility requirements.

On the day of Embryo Transfer you can do:

HIp Stretch

Downward Dog






Avoid any abdominal toning poses.

Learning to love, honor, respect, and work with your body.

Love is the ultimate truth.

Real love is life-giving energy.

Love is acceptance.

Love does not bend under pressure.

Love is kindness

     Ask yourself if you have learned to love your physical body.

     Do you love yourself and accept your limits.

     Do you trust that your body is working for you and not against you?

Understand who you really are.

     You are more than your physical body. You are multi-dimensional with infinite potential.

     Move out of your thoughts and feelings to access your True Being.

     Live consciously, allowing yourself to receive all the Universe has to offer.


What to do on or by the day of Embryo Transfer:

Listen to the following meditations


What to do After Embryo Transfer?

Due to the fact that it can take between 5-7 days for the embryos to securely anchor to your lining post-transfer, I advise you to live mindfully and take things easy.

For the first 3 days:

Enjoy bed and sofa rest and have your list of specific meditations tailored to your needs at hand.

     By controlling your thoughts:

  • You can keep stress and anxiety to a minimum
  • Increase your body’s healing ability.
  • Deepen your connection to your growing baby and your body

     Do several things a day that bring you joy. Joy is the key to fertility and success in general. It is the

     vibration and will maximize your changes.

For the first 7 days:

  • Do not have a bath
  • Do not have a shower that is too hot or too cold
  • Keep driving distances to an absolute minimum
  • No heavy lifting
  • No vacuming
  • No movements or chores that require the intensive use of abdominal muscles
  • No strenuous exercise
  • Slow, peaceful “Buddhist Meditation” walking for 30 minutes from day 4 on wards to help  stimulate circulation of energy, blood, and oxygen.

For days 7-14:

  • Let your intuition guide you as to what your body needs.
  • Trust that you will not do anything that you will regret later.
  • Thing positive. If something stressful arises, use the breathing techniques and stress reduction techniques that I have taught you.
  • Remind yourself that once your embryos have been transferred into your uterus, they are safe and will not fall out.