180 W Walnut St, Jesup, GA 31545



Libby’s Testimonial

Leona, you have already made a major difference in my life ! I just want to thank you ! You are always do positive and energetic and it is infectious ! You make me c want to feel better and be healthy. After only a few visits, my pain level is so much less. I’m not taking nearly as many

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Niki Barwick

Wish I would have discovered acupuncture earlier! Glad I have it NOW!!!!!!!! By the way….. Leona is THE one to see here in Jesup!

Linda Hall

Leona is the BEsT!! Whatever your problems are ..she is so knowledgeable in knowing what to do with whatever therapy is needed to make things a lot better!!

Bev Westberry

I can assure everyone that Leona has brought me through many hard times with my spine problems. I encourage everyone to email her to see how she can help you with any problem you are having with your mind, body and soul. Thank you Leona for all the many years you have been dedicated to helping me.