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What is Yoga?


Yoga means “Union” or “to Join”. It is an ancient form. Yoga is a way of bringing your life to a greater level of perfection. It is both a system of breathing, movement, diet and meditation and a way of life.Yoga classes provide an opportunity for those of all ages to improve their physical strength and stamina and to allow the mind to relax and release.

Yoga Breathing: helps to increase the amount of air One breathes in and can help improve aerobic fitness. It aids food digestion and peaceful relaxation.

Stretching: helps to limber up the body and to release stress from the body. Practicing stretches on a daily basis, and especially before and after exercise, helps the muscles to stay healthy.

Yoga Postures: there are over 8 million yoga postures! The postures are designed both to increase flexibility and to help to bring into balance the Chakras (or energy path) of the body, bringing greater health and balance

Yoga Nutrition: emphasises balanced eating and fresh food. Its central aim is to increase your physical energy and mental calmness. The Yoga diet is traditionally vegetarian.

Yoga Relaxation and Meditation: designed to help quiet the mind and allow peaceful relaxation and spiritual growth.

Both the spiritual and physical benefits of yoga should become a way of life. Guidance is offered so that students can incorporate yoga practices into their daily life.


What can yoga do for me?

Practiced regularly, yoga benefits all systems of the body. Benefits include increased strength, flexibility, and balance. It improves cardiovascular and digestive health. A regular, focused, practice may also improve concentration and relieve stress.

I am not flexible or strong. Can I still do this?

Absolutely! Yoga is for everyone. It is designed to be noncompetitive so you start by doing what you can. Yoga is not about being in the perfect pose. It’s about being in the perfect moment – whatever that may be for you. By practicing regularly at your own level, the benefits will come.

For a list of current yoga classes, please visit the calender page.