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Yang Sheng

Yang Sheng, or the practice of Nourishing Life, may be one of the most important concepts in TCM and Chinese medicine. The Chinese word “Yang” means to nurture, take care of, and to nourish; “Sheng” means life, birth, and vitality. Together, “Yang Sheng” means to nurture or nourish life. It consists of practices that are meant to foster health and well being by nurturing body, mind, and spirit in harmony with the natural rhythms and with universal laws. Yang Sheng can also be translated as health preservation, life nourishment, or life cultivation.

Yang Sheng is a way of life. It is a powerful practice that can preserve and improve health when practiced daily.

TCM practices do not focus on the treatment of diseases. While western medicine tends to focus on disease, illness, and dysfunction, TCM focuses on health preservation and prevention.

By incorporating Yang Sheng practices into our daily life, we bring balance and harmony into our surroundings. This is what health is about, being in harmony with ourselves and with our world.